Friday, June 9, 2017


Hello everyone! This dress is half-off at Nordstrom rack right now (linked above). It's only about $22 and it's really comfortable and cute. I love the color and the pockets def add something to it.These sandals are an absolute favorite of mine. They are just the bomb! They def mirror the Valentino rockstuds but I think they are a little less flashy so are more easily worn with casual outfits. The bag is an old Steve Madden but the Michael Kors that I linked above is crazy similar. It's the same saffiano leather and I actually like it better! ha! The Karen Walker Number One are very hot right now and I personally think they are so cute but the authentic ones are like $250! These dupes are literally exactly the same lol and like $10. I'm kind of a sunglass hoarder lately. Oops! On rare occasions I will splurge on themm but it's hard for me to rationalize dropping hundos on something that likely cost $2 or so to make. That's just me though! I hope you enjoyed today's post and thanks for stopping by! :) XOXO

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  1. Love this color on you Jenny !