Tuesday, April 4, 2017


BEACH-THROW / Forever 21 / SANDALS / Tory Burch

So this post is about the outfit but also about photo editors. The first and last pictures were edited in lightroom which is part of photoshop. I edited them (first and last pics) using a free trial because you have to pay for their software. The MIDDLE one was done with pixlr, a free online editing app. In my opinion the middle one is MUCH better. The contrast really made the sky POP. I did the exact same thing with contrast in the lightroom software and the sky didn't pop much at all. So yea, I don't think I will be paying for lightroom (photoshop) once the trial is up! So I posted a photo straight from forever 21 of this beach cover-up on my social media pages. It's affordable and the quality seems to be pretty good too. I feel like forvever 21 has been stepping it up a bit lately with their quality ?? I have a TON of throws but this is one of my favorites bc of the material and length (some are too short on me). With summer right around the corner I'd say it's worth the $$. You can purchase the cover-up here. I think it only comes in one size though; one size fits all kind of deal. The sandals are Miller's by Tory Burch. I had the lighter color but saw these and HAD to get them bc the VINTAGE VACHETTA color just seems to go with WAY more outfits. These puppies run around $200 but I definately wear them enough for it to be worth it. You can find the sandals here. Anyway, hump day is tomorrow and my NP classes/clinicals are starting back up....sigghhh. Cheers to the week going by quickly! :)

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