Thursday, April 6, 2017


1. BEACH TOTE / MISA / 2. SHORTS / One Teaspoon / 3. TENNIS SHOES / Nike Flex 6 / 4. SANDALS / Tory Burch / 5. CHAPSTICK / EOS / 6. POM POM SANDALS / Elina Linardaki / 7. TASSLE BEACH DRESS / SUNDRESS

So Costa Rica has been on my bucket list forever & ever! I'm only going to be taking a 3 day trip down there with my mom but its better than nothing! I've listed some great purchases for tropical trips and just in general really great products. #1. Is a MISA beach tote. These are handmade in California. I have one that says "HOLA" on it, which I linked. I just think these bags are SO cute with their little pom poms. The bag is pretty large too and can carry all you beach goodies/towels. Just a side note: the bags are handmade so you WILL see imperfections. #2. One Teaspoon shorts ROCK! I had ONE pair but they got ruined awhile back and I seriously need to restock. #3. I have this pair of Nikes. I really wanted a black pair of tennis to go with my leggings. I have a crazy colorful pair of Asics and I just thought they looked really goofy with the black leggings. These shoes are great with leggings and for outdoor activities & plane rides! #4. I've said it once and I'll say it again; these Tory Burch sandals are great! They go with everything. #5. Who doesn't love EOS! HA! My favorite is the strawberry sorbet. yuummmm. #6. I've yet to purchase these cute sandals but it WILL happen! They are definitely loud and outside the norm, but they have such a fun tropical feel and would look amazing with a nice beach throw. Last but not least #7. I've yet to buy this beauty either but will try and make it happen before my trip bc, wellllll look at it! ha :) I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be counting down the days before my trip! PS for some reason the comments section is not working. I had a couple people try to leave comments and they just don't show up :(. It's a bummer bc I really appreciate any support I am given. Hopefully I can figure it out by tonight. XOXO


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